Christ and the Bible . . .

Although conservative friends love and respect the Bible, they believe and know that the spirit of Christ Jesus is our prime source of revelation. We do assert, along with Robert Barclay that inspiration that is at variance with scripture must be rejected. Yes we unify ourselves with Fox's assertion that Christ has come to teach His people himself. This contradicts the Gurneyites and other evangelicals who believe that the Bible rather than Jesus is the word of God which John 1 declares. Small wonder these pastoral Friends rejected Christ the Light of God and centered themselves on written declarations. Early Friends to the contrary waited on the Lord for the necessary spiritual knowledge with which to evangelize. Then they traveled to many countries with the true message of faith and hope. Today we can and will revive our connections with Christ by opening ourselves to His everlasting inward teaching. And we must live in such inspirational teaching.

Arthur Berk

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