Spreading the Good News

While the apostles mourned the departure of their Lord in the upper room, Jesus revealed himself to the crowd at Pentecost, revealing and speaking the same truths in different languages. His adherents understood His Lordship.

Likewise when Paul oppressed Christians, Jesus confronted the great apostle demanding to know why Paul was persecuting his and our Savior. Paul then understood his disobedience and, as a result, began enunciating Christ's Gospel to gentiles as well as Jews. . .

Small wonder Christ inculcated His kindness, His special knowledge and His need for Friends to spread the good news. They were in Jesus life. He would implore us today to open ourselves to Him. Then, and only then, could He heal us spiritually and physically. Let us proclaim His everlasting gospel of hope and truth in His glorious Name.

Arthur Berk

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