The Power of the Lord
Arthur Berk

Today Ďs culture tempts us Christians to appear independent, seeming to rely on our own strength rather than on the Lordís to discover and live in Truth. The Hebrew prophets, as well as the early followers of Jesus, knew otherwise. They recognized that we are all poor desperate people, in dire need of the Lordís guidance, through which we can develop a positive relationship with the Holy One and experience The prophet Isaiah proclaimed with ardent fervor: ďThey that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.Ē (Isa.: 40: 28-31)

Jesus teaches us to love each other as God loves us. He loved those who obeyed his commandments, referring to those disciples as His Friends, who knew the Masterís voice. Today many of us do wait on the Lord for love, grace, and Truth, as well as for the power to become adherents of our loving God. Like the apostle Paul, we know that Christ Jesus offers us a special grace, enabling us to discern right from wrong. This grace encourages us to overcome evil within ourselves and outwardly. The Lord affords us His power, but only if we listen with open hearts. When we open our hearts to both God and His beloved Son, we live in spiritual liberty and learn the essence of comradeship

Although the Lordís grace supplies us power to become His true disciples, we will, nevertheless, know suffering. Early martyrs did not escape imprisonment and even death while serving the living Christ. We are Godís servants and His witnesses. The Lord expects us to be examples of the truth that overcomes evil. We need to be prepared to serve in the grace and light that He provides.

The Lord is waiting for us to develop the gifts He has given us. He expects us to live without violence, as He did, thus becoming witnesses to people reluctant to embrace true pacifism. He is also waiting for us to address the needs of our neighbors. Jesus shows us that if we are open to His love, we can welcome strangers in our midst and meet their needs. God expects us to become more caring about the troubles of other humans. Once we demonstrate our faithfulness, this King of kings will increase our capacities to help in trying situations. When we pray for His help, do we listen to the Lordís response? Do we experience His presence as we minister to others?

As we taste of the power of God when we obey His promptings, we must remember that we are not the Almighty. We are still human beings in faith, hope, and love. Christ might not call on us to finish a task we have begun but will empower others who have demonstrated their faithfulness to extend the Lordís blessing upon people. The Lord is constantly teaching us outwardly, in addition to inspiring us with His Spirit. Recognizing our limitations, Christ works to increase our capacity to serve our fellow human beings. God is waiting for us to love Him completely.

- printed by permission from the author

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